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Weha Top Racer High Speed CNC Diamond Finger Bit 22mm x 40mm x 8 Seg for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone

The Weha Top Racer diamond cnc high speed finger bit is a premium high speed diamond cnc finger bits for high speed production.
The Weha Top Racer High Speed Finger Bit is unbelievable on Granite, marble, and especially Engineered Stone, Quartz materials

The Faster you run the Top Racer, the better it performs!

The Weha Top Racer high speed cnc diamond finger bit is the fastest cutting CNC Finger Bit on the market!
Designed for production work, the Top Racer can run up to 36″ per minute fully engaged!

With its 8 segment design, the Top Racer Finger bit will remove material at an incredibly fast rate.

But what if you don’t want to run your granite cnc core bit really fast? Could you still use the Weha Top Racer?
Notice how one fabricator who operates a couple of Northwood cnc machine:

“I like the top racer because it seems to wear very consistently throughout its lifespan which prolongs its usage time. Some of the other “similar” fingerbits I have tested wear very inconsistently leaving plenty of diamond in some places but heavy wear down to the metal in some other areas so I have to remove them prematurely. I run the Top Racer low and slow for extended life, so I don’t use them for speed…I get around 700 feet on them. My Parameters: 5800 RPM @ 12-14 IPM. Mark B.

So, you want high production or slow and steady with excellent life, the Top Racer is your one source for the best granite, marble, engineered stone cnc fingerbits to be used on cnc machines