Weha Puma Econo Turbo Blade


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The Weha Puma Quad Turbo Blades are an excellent price to performance blade for granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone materials.

Designed with air cool holes to stay cool for continuous cutting, quad holes to be used with Quad Adapters, and a very close turbo style rim for fast and clean cuts, the Weha Puma Granite Turbo Blade is an excellent all around blade for stone fabrication.

With a full 8mm rim height, the Puma Granite Turbo Blade gives plenty of meat for great life.

Made with a bond specifically for granite and quartz, the Puma Granite Turbo Blade will cut like butter in all stone and quartz materials.

The Puma granite turbo blade is priced right, cuts like butter, and has great life. The Puma Turbo may be the best all around granite diamond blade for fabrication.

The Puma Granite Turbo Blade is one of the best granite and stone blades in its price range.

Strong core for grinder use.
Dry use. May be used wet.
Quad holes for flush cutting and inside bowl use
Cooling holes to extend the life of the core
Cuts clean and fast
8mm rim for really good life

Weha 4.5″ Puma Turbo Blade
4 Quad Hole