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The Weha 4″ Matrix 7 Step Granite Polishing Pads were created with a very clear purpose in mind. Weha spent time with very high production shops to find out exactly what they were looking for in a polishing pad system.
Practically all of these shops are following a basic workflow. Everything is profiled on the cnc machines. All sinks and vanities are cut out using the finger bits. Most only use 1-3 diamond positions for both the edges and bowls (depending on the profile and stone). Then they free up the cnc and let the fabricators finish the polishing the edges and bowls by hand using air polishers.

The fabricators and the shop managers are very clear on what they want to achieve with the 7 step diamond polishing pad
1) They want a pad system that can work on any stone: granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, etc.
2) They want the lower grit pads to be aggressive, to cut fast, and not leave marks.
3) They want the higher grits to close up the stone and leave a very nice polished edge that matches the top.
4) Depending on the material, they would like the ability to eliminate pads to reduce the number of steps to speed the process.
5) They want the pads to polish as fast as possible.
6) But they also want the polishing pads to polish all the way to the cloth to maximize as much life as possible.
7) And they want a polishing pad that is as economical as possible without compromising the previous 6 objectives.

Honestly this was a challenge. Weha threw out the conventional way 7 step granite diamond polishing pads were made and started from scratch. Weha took each individual grit and customized that diamond matrix to do one of several things: cut faster, last longer, soften the bond, make the bond harder, make them more aggressive, a little finer bond, etc.
We then synchronized the entire 7 step sequence so that each grit complimented the previous grit and its matrix.
The end result is achieving a perfect polish, at the fastest rate of speed, all the while maximizing the life the pads.
This entire process is designed to A) speed up production B) polish the stone as fast as possible to get the piece off the table and on the granite install A frame and C) save the shop as much money as possible on their granite, marble, engineered stone diamond polishing pads.

After several months of tweaking and adjusting each of the grits and having them tested in a very high production shop for over 2 months, Weha is proud to offer the Weha Matrix 4″ 7 Step Diamond Polishing Pads.

Weha is very confident that these 7 step diamond polishing pads will be outstanding for high production shops, as well as all granite shops who want to get a great polish at a very competitive price.

6 Reasons why the Weha Matrix 4″ 7 Step Diamond Polishing Pads the best diamond polishing pads for high production shops:

1) Lower grits designed to cut fast, be aggressive and higher grits designed to close the stone quickly with a high gloss polish
2) Designed to polish as fast as possible
3) 3mm thick for maximizing life
4) One 7 step diamond polishing pad sequence to polish all stone coming off the cnc machine
5) Designed to speed up production
6) Priced as competitive as possible without sacrificing finished results

Everyone has polishing pads. Weha takes polishing pads and customizes them for very clear, specific purposes, to achieve target goals requested and demanded by fabricators.