Weha EP600 Unipad Hand Pump and Air


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Weha EP 600 Unipad Vacuum Lifter Pneumatic and Hand pump for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, slabs, metal sheets, Glass Panels

The Weha EP 600 Unipad Vacuum Lifter Pneumatic and Hand pump
No compressor needed when used with the Hand pump
Load Capacity Horizontal: 1323 Lbs 
Load Capacity Vertical: 661 Lbs 
Suction Plate: 24“ X 10“ 
Weight: 40 Lbs

The EP 600 Pneumatic & Hand pump vacuum lifter is a stand alone granite vacuum lifter that builds air into its reservoir. 
Double acting hand pump for especially quick applications! that means when you push and pull it creates a vacuum for faster vacuum. It only requires about 10-15 pumps to build pressure into the tank.
Engage the vacuum to start building suction. 
Another 10 or so pumps and a full vacuum is achieved.
On Granite, The EP 600 Vacuum Lifter will hold a vacuum for approximately 1 hour on polished granite before reaching the safety line, without jeopardizing the vacuum integrity.
Then with just a couple of pumps the vacuum is fully loaded for another hour of vacuum.
Only the Weha EP series of Vacuum Lifters offer this feature!
This means that it will build and maintain pressure without air or external power. 

The Weha EP 600 Vacuum Lifter comes with a built in safety-vacuum tank made of aluminum material (non-corrosive!)

The Weha EP 600 Unipad Vacuum Lifter bottom is designed with the Weha New Generation UNIPAD Vacuum Suction Pad: Simple, extremely fast changing of the vacuum-rubber seals

Universally applicable for polished and for rough upper surfaces!
Maybe be used on granite, marble, all natural stones, engineered stone, glass, metal, etc
Lower servicing costs and maintenance charges since the rubber seals are easily replaceable. 
Increased safety over other lifters because the UNIPADS create a stronger, tighter vacuum seal.