Weha EP300 Unipad Hand Pump and Air


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The EP 300 comes with both Handpump and Air connection.
This means that it will build and maintain pressure without air or external power.
It also comes with an air connection. This can be connected to an air compressor that operates via a venturi system.

Comes with a multi-filter and water trap
Prevents the penetration of dust and moisture.
Protects the pneumatic structural parts against premature wear

Acoustic warning Buzzer(standard with series EP)
Very visible pressure gauge.

Comes with a built in safety-vacuum tank made of aluminum material (non-corrosive!)

Double acting hand pump for especially quick applications! (only the series EP!)

The EP 300 bottom is designed with weh Weha New Generation UNIPAD Vacuum Suction Pad:
Simple, extremely fast changing of the vacuum-rubber seals
Universally applicable for polished and for rough upper surfaces!
Lower servicing costs and maintenance charges since the rubber seals are easily replacable.
Increased safety over other lifters because the UNIPADS create a stronger, tighter vacuum seal.