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Dekton Bridge Saw blades are top of the line sintered stone, porcelain slab blades that will provide the cleanest cut and longest life of any other Dekton Bridge Saw Blade on the market today.

Weha has used a premium German core with the highest diamond content matrix bond to provide the absolute best blade to cut Dekton, Neolith, and other Ultra Compact sintered stone materials.

Bridge Saw Blades designed specifically for Dekton, Neolith and Sintered Stone:

These bridge saw blades were built specifically for Dekton, Neolith and sintered porcelain slabs. made with a 10mm diamond height rim, very close segments to prevent chipping, and a diamond matrix bond specifically for these types of hard materials, Weha has produced a blade that will perform exceptionally well on thin or thick porcelain and sintered stone.

Dekton Bridge Saw Blade Prices

There are a wide variety of prices out there for Dekton Bridge Saw Blades.
Weha set aside a price target. We didn’t build a blade with the idea of being the cheapest. Instead, we focused on quality, longevity, and the best cut that can be made on Dekton, Neolith, and other materials.
Weha felt that focusing on creating the best cutting and longest lasting Dekton Blade was by far the most important job we needed to do for fabricators cutting these materials.
Does that make Weha the cheapest Dekton Bridge Saw Blade. For sure it does not. But we are within 10%-15% of the lowest, still being very price competitive.
However, the Weha blades will give you 10%-20% more life.
Would you agree that your cost per foot will virtually be the same?
And you get a premium blade that will speed up fabrication and production.
In the end, you get a better Dekton Bridge Saw Blade and not pay more for it.