Weha Black Pantera Blade


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The Weha Pantera Diamond Blade is a 25mm segment height blade for cutting a wide range of stone such as granite, marble, engineered stone.
The layered pattern diamond segment design provides fast, clean cutting to achieve optimum performance from the bridge saw. This translates into faster cutting using lower amps.
The life of the Weha Pantera will be one of the longest lasting blades you will find on the market.

The cost per linear foot of cut with these Pantera Bridge Saw Blades will be one of the lowest operating blade costs you will find.

What makes the black Pantera the best 25mm Diamond Bridge Saw Blade the best 25mm Bridge Saw Blade on the market?

1) Layered diamond technology that produces an extremely fast and clean cut by constantly keeping diamonds touching the stone for cutting speed.
2) 25mm special segment design allowing plenty of water, slurry removal, and diamond cut to keep the segment cool producing extremely long blade life
3) Lowest cost per linear foot of cut

Blade Specifications:
25mm diamond segment height
60/50 arbor
Recommended for 10hp + saws