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Tenax StrongEdge 1.5 Quart Set

StrongEdge, the strongest clear, flowing epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination. Once applied on a countertop, the stone or substrate will not delaminate or break where StrongEdge has been applied! StrongEdge is the clearest flowing epoxy on the market. StrongEdge does not shrink, it takes a polish, as well as accepts color to color match the stone if necessary. With a 2:1 mix ratio and a set time of about 2 hours at 75 degrees, Tenax StrongEdge maintains the clearest epoxy with a cure time of 2 hours or less, without losing its structural integrity. VOC Compliant. Set includes: 1 quart part A, 1/2 quart part B.

Kit Includes

  • Part A (1 quart)
  • Part B (1/2 quart)


  • Laminating granite, marble, engineered stone, etc.
  • Repair of damaged stone
  • Permenantly secure anchor bolts or sink brackets
  • Fiberglass or metal rodding
  • Where a VOC compliant product must be used
  • Gluing stone, metal, wood, other substrates together

Instructions for use

Make sure surface to be treated is completely dry and clean. Keep the glue and hardeners in their original cans. If using an automatic dosing pump avoid contact with metals made of copper, brass or similar metals which may rust. Avoid use of PVC plastic. Use only plastic that is corrosive resistant. Measure out, in either weight or volume, the correct amounts of part A and part B. Mix well using clean tools. Best when applied in a thin layer. Use acetone or butyl acetate to clean tools.

Shelf Life

Keep the containers closed after use. Keep away from heat, humidity and sun light. This product will last 1 year under normal conditions between 65° and 77°.


Please read the safety data sheet before use and follow the product instructions.