Tenax M200XMR Cartridge Glue Gun


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Parts Schematic


The following parts are available for the M200XMR cartridge gun. To determine which part you need click on the part list below.


Part Number Part Name
2C1022 MK 10 Sintered Catch Plate
2F1045 M6 x 20MM Hexagon Bolt
2F1204 M8 Lock Nut
2F1211 M6 Nut
2M1085 Plastic Knob
2P1060 Plunger 1:1 (Base/Blind Hole)
2P1062 Plunger 2:1 (Clip On)
2P1064 Plunger 4:1
2P1066 Plunger 10:1
2P1070 Plunger 10:1 (Base)
2P1071 Plunger 1:1/2 (Clip On)
2P1074 Plunger 4:1 (Clip On)
2S1007 Catch Plate Spring
2S1021 Release Plate Spring
3R1472 Release Plate
3R3064 Drive Rod 260MM
3Y1051 Yoke
4AP1353 Frame Assembly
7R1155 Plunger Rod 252MM
7XB315 MK 10 Butt/Trigger/WCD Sleeves