Superior Acrylic Penetrating – Quart


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Superior Acrylics provide superior “chemical” bonding strength with fast gel and cure times allowing you to start polishing quicker. This allows fabricators the opportunity to complete more jobs in less time which results in more profit.

Superior Acrylics are available in Flowing, Knife Grade, Super Flowing and Penetrating (Water-Thin)

Superior Acrylics can be used with granite, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, cement and more. Acrylic adhesives provide a permanent “chemical” bond which is great for dense surfaces.

1 year shelf life unopened. Proper storage in a climate controlled room
prolongs shelf life.

Cured with 1%3% white paste hardener (BPO), these adhesives are fast setting, waterclear and just as easy to use as polyesters.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.