SlurrySep Floc – 50# Bag


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SlurrySep is a proprietary blend of bentonite clay, polymers and pH reducing acids is designed for treatment of concrete slurry.   Results are dramatic as solids quickly separate and condense on the bottom, leaving clean water for reuse or compliant discharge. 


1.  Blend 1-2 lbs per 200 gallons.  SlurrySep into slurry and mix consistently for 5-10 minuets to allow clay and polymer to fully hydrate.

2.  Allow floc to settle.  Additional mixing can help floc form larger particle size and cleaner water.

3.  The floc if fully formed, it is ready for dewatering by decanting or pumping into dewatering filter bag.

4.  Excess solids are now prepared for SlurryDry solidification.