Sector Triplespeed with Aquaplaning


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Electronic portable shape-milling machine with three rotation speeds spindle.
It shapes and polishes the edge of any type of stone material and synthetic.
-Grinding System (by choice):
On a veil of water (AQUAPLANNING)
On lubricated nylon rollers(AQUAWHEEL)
-Spindle (stainless steel)
Rotation speed: 2600,6000 or 10,000 RPM
Rise and fall: 35mm
-Framework: Diecasted Aluminium
-Power: 2kW
-Electronic vectorial inverter
-Supply Tension: 230V/50-60Hz Single-Phase
-Termal overload safty cut-out
-Operating head: 350 x 550 x 350mm, 33kg
-Power unit:370 x 470 x 230mm, 16kg
Plastic Case containing:
-Waterproof Apron
-Set of bolts for shaped wheels
-Service wrenches
-Spare fuses
-Use and maintenance manual