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Dress Flawless seams in 7-10 minutes. The Seam Phantom® is designed to fit onto

any of the following grinders Makita 9565CV, 9564CV angle grinder. Also fits the

Makita GA5042C and GA4542C Angle Grinder (for units shipped from factory after Oct 5th 2015). 

Grinder NOT Included.

Seam Phantom®
Splash Guard Angle (Screws for Assembly as required)
Washers (to allow for angling of the grinding head)
Spray Skirt 48′′ Glide Guide Rail (72′′/96′′ Sold Separately)
Tool Box for Seam Phantom
GFCI Adapter
SL3 Adapter(Also Available in M14 Thread)
60 Grit SL3 Rigid Turbo
150 Grit SL3 Rigid Turbo
300 Grit SL3 Rigid Turbo
2′′ SL3 Cup Wheel
2 C-Clamps (For clamping Glide Guide)
2 Gauge Blocks
Manual (Usage and Assembly)

Grinder NOT Included

The Seam Phantom® is an innovative system for producing near perfect sea
ms in all
types of stone and quartz. The system utilizes a diamond cup wheel followe
d by up
to three diamond abrasives and a precise depth adjustment to eliminate chips and
produce a clean sharp edge. The rigid design and Glide Guide straight edge keep
each half of the seam straight and true. When the counter is assembled you can

produce a nearly invisible seam.

Common Features:
Rigid design and construction hold the polisher/grinder at a precise angle
Simple, strong, depth adjustment control
Can be used to correct out of square or rough saw cuts
Seam Phantom® kits include all required abrasives, hardware and accessories
All kits supplied with 48dz Glide Guide straight edge-72dz and 96dz options available
All abrasives attach to our custom, quick release, snail lock adapter
Quality construction of high grade anodized aluminum, stainless steel and additional high quality materials
All Seam Phantoms® are machined and assembled in the U.S.A.
Electric Features:
The electric version of the Seam Phantom® was the original design and can be used in the shop or on the job site
The electric Seam Phantom® utilizes an external water feed system and attaches to Makita Grinder model no. 9564CV or 9565CV (sold separately)
The electric kit includes a tool box for easy transport to the job site for onsite repairs and corrections
The kit also includes a GFCI adapter and accessories to help keep your grinder dry
Back grinding step
The first step utilizes a 2dz cup wheel to create an undercut or back-grind approximately ¼dz below the top surface of the stone.
This undercut creates plenty of room for the seaming adhesive of your choice and the rough texture gives the adhesive a good surface to bond to.