Rapid Z-Cut


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Introducing the 3” Rapid Z-Cut wheel. A stainless steel arbor with center water feed combined with stacked 3” diamond blades. This configuration results in extremely fast material removal. Available with a top bearing template follower – the outer bearing ring can be removed after the blades wear halfway down. This helps minimize the amount of material left to remover in the following step. Also available without a top bearing.

• Rapid grinding of stone and quartz
• Stainless steel arbor and template follower
• Two stage template follower – the outer ring can be removed after the blades wear down
• Corrosion resistant hardware
• Standard 5/8-11 thread
• Easily replaceable bearing
• Blades can be re-arranged to correct “apple coring”
• Inexpensive replacement blades
• Center water feed capable
• Available with or without top bearing
• Machined and assembled in the U.S.A.