Weha Puma Radial Arm Finger Tip


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Weha Radial Arm Finger Tip is a high performing diamond tip for cutting out granite sinks, marble vanity bowls, quartz bowls, and other granite and stone hole applications with radial arm machines.

With fast cutting speed, the Weha Finger Tip will cut up to 20 bowls while leaving the bowl ready for polishing pad use.

The Weha Radial Arm Finger Tip is made for all Radial Arm Machines such as Thibault, Wizard, Fabking, Scorpion, and other radial arm machines.

This incremental cutting finger tip is designed to follow the sink or vanity bowl template and work around the template on the stone to grind down the granite sink or vanity bowl. This will leave the stone perfectly straight and ready for profiling and polishing.

The Weha Radial Arm Finger Tip comes with a 12mm thread that can fit all Radial Arm Finger Tip 1/2 Gas Adapters that are 12mm female thread. This makes it very easy to switch over to premium quality Weha Radial Arm Finger Tips!