Omni Cubed Miter-It Auto Clamp (single)


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The single Miter-It™ Auto clamp allows the expansion of any Miter-It™ Auto system (Electric, Pneumatic, or Starter Kit). If purchasing alone (not as an expansion for the Pneumatic or Electric set), this item requires the use of an Omni Cubed vacuum manifold system (sold separately). See the Accessories list below to determine which vacuum system is right for you.

The Miter-It™ Auto saves time and money by eliminating the need for a helper—wherever you would need a hand to hold the material, put a Miter-It™ Auto clamp there instead! The user-friendly clamps securely and reliably hold heavy, drop-down edges at 90°, enabling finished-side-up laminations and providing better results than taping methods alone. Seaming the joint finished-side-up offers increased safety for workers and reduced risk of damage to the piece by not having to flip the material for gluing. This also keeps the seam in view for dialing-in perfect joints, and makes clean-up fast and easy. The coarse adjustment lever quickly raises apron into place, while the horizontal and vertical fine-tuning knobs provide ultimate control over the seam. Miter-It™ Auto clamps accommodate edges up to 12″ tall and 3 cm thick. The proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups provide an exceptional hold on textured and porous surfaces. Typically, one Miter-It™ Auto clamp every 3 to 4 feet is sufficient, but more may be used for extra-long or heavy aprons.