Omni Cubed Lam-Clamp


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The Lam-Clamp™ has revolutionized countertop edge laminations by exceeding traditional methods in efficiency, seam quality, and durability. The Lam-Clamp’s patented design features hidden clamp threads, which protects them from epoxy contamination, so they outlast any other clamps on the market and will be just as effective 10 years from now as the day you unboxed them. Unlike c-clamps that have a very small pressure point, Lam-Clamps evenly distribute the clamping pressure along the full length of the rail, further preventing the lam strip from breaking. Tighten your Lam-Clamps and bring your seam together using the large, comfortable handles that provide more torque for easy tightening and won’t break off like flimsy c-clamps. Save time and money, don’t do another lamination without Lam-Clamps!

Available in six sizes for truly customizable applications:

5″ – The 10 pack of 5“ Lam-Clamps is the perfect size to wrap around tight arcs and radiuses to ensure tight and even seams without sacrificing clamping pressure and speed. The 5″ can also be used in between larger Lam-Clamps for a custom and precise lamination for any-sized piece.

10″ – Armed with the 10 pack of 10” Lam-Clamps, the days of using dozens of c-clamps per countertop are gone. Deemed our Lam-Clamp™ Starter Pack, the 10″ is our introductory replacement for c-clamps with each 10″ Lam-Clamp™ doing the work of 3 – 5 c-clamps!

2′ – The 2’ Lam-Clamp is perfectly designed for the standard countertop return at exactly 23.5″ long. Become a Lam-Clamp Power User and pair the 2’ with the 6’ Lam-Clamp for the ultimate countertop lamination combination.

3′, 4′, & 6′ – Experience exponential labor savings with the longer-length Lam-Clamps. Each extra foot of Lam-Clamps does the work of 6 c-clamps, saving you time, protecting your material and creating more precise seams.


  • Save time and money; reduce clamping labor by 75% or more
  • Superior speed, quality, and durability
  • Consistently achieve tight, even seams
  • Patented hidden thread design prevents epoxy contamination
  • Large handles provide more torque for easy tightening
  • Long-lasting, rust-free, quality components
  • Clamping range: 1.4″ – 2.6″ (36 mm – 66 mm)
  • Six lengths available: 5″, 10″, 2′, 3′, 4′, 6′