Omni Cubed Dust Shroud Polisher Adapter (Milwaukee)


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Minimize dust exposure by connecting a dust shroud to your variable-speed hand polisher. The Dust Shroud Polisher Adapter is an easier, more economical alternative to large dry polishing equipment. Use with Omni Cubed’s No-Spin Edger to achieve clean, consistent edges without damaging surrounding surfaces.


  • Protects from dust inhalation
  • Keeps work area clean
  • Easier, more economical alternative to large dry polishing equipment
  • Combined with No-Spin Edger, polishing and refinishing is cleaner, faster, and more consistent
  • No-Spin Edger protects surrounding surfaces from damage by the edge of spinning pads
  • Three models available, compatible with Makita/Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee