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OMA Hydraulic Bowl & Router System Workstation

OMA Systems of Italy has created the perfect solution for cutting out bowls, profiling and polishing edges, and keeping it all organized and space saving.
This system comes with: the OMA Antarex bowl cutting machine, the OMA CP 99 Router, a special double connection Hydraulic pump, 2 oma machine stands with hose pullies, and all hoses and connections.
This OMA Bowl and Router system takes up a very small footprint in a shop. In fact, it can be used in a standard work table space.
The OMA stands are made specifically for the OMA CP99 Router and Antarex Bowl Cutter. This makes storing the routers safer by not having them take up shelf space and makes them much easier to manage the hoses around the work tables.
The newly updated double connection Hydraulic pump allows connection of both machines with a simple switch to use either machine. This make for a faster work flow without having to disconnect and connect machines.
Example: Pull the CP99 off the stand and profile the edge. Put the CP99 back on the stand, take the Antarex machine down, switch the lever, and cut out the vanity bowl or sink hole. That simple and that quick.

2 OMA Stands
1 OMA Antarex Bowl Cutter
1 OMA Auctor CP99
1 OMS Hydraulic pump with switch