Marmo Master 3500 Edge Profiling Router


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1) Continuous Variable Speed: The speed is adjustable from 0 to 6000 in continuous full adjustment rather than 2 or 3 speed adjustments like other variable speed routers. This advantage allows full maximum use of OMA, Ghines, Marmo, and other private label profile and polishing bits at any and all speeds they recommend.

2) Made with aircraft aluminum and steel, the OMA Digispeed Profiling Machine’s body is produced using the latest metallic technology for strength and durability. The outside cover is made with true fiberglass, not cheap plastic. these quality materials produce the lightest weight electric router with the strongest and most solid core in its class.

3) Oma Taurus Digispeed Electric Profiling Router offers both Center Water Feed and External Water Feed.

4) OMA Inter-changable Spindle Adapter system. The Taurus Granite Portable Profiling Machine comes with 3 spindle adapters that allow 100% complete flexibility in the type, style, and manufacture of router bit you choose to use. The adapters offer the Oma center water feed spindle, the standard adapter for use with Ghines and other standard router bits, plus an adapter for use with Marmo Mechannica and other bits. Simply screw into the spindle for quick and easy installation.

5) OMA Safety and Shock Prevention

6) 0-6000 RPM: Profiling does not require 10,000 or higher rpms. By reducing the rpms, the Taurus runs extremely smooth, eliminating excess and unnecessary vibrations, creating perfect profiles without ripples or waves.

7) OMA Diamond Router Polishing Wheels Speed: Using the OMA Taurus with the OMA profile and diamond polishing wheels, set of 6, you can process up to 20 feet per hour from profiling to complete polish.

8) Spindle can be adjusted up or down without the machine being on. This allows precise bit height adjustment, without getting wet.

9) Spindle lock nut guarantees height adjustment.

Technical Features:
220 V Single or 3 Phase Power Required
Inner and external water feed
Variable speed: 0-6000 RPM
Dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 16″
Light Weight at only 44 lbs.(22 Kg)
Strong 3 HP motor.