MORE AntiEtch Certification


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Next Certification Class is February 12, 2020, more dates to be added for 2020
Register early, space is limited!

This course & evaluation is required to become a MORE™ AntiEtch™ Certified Applicator

 The cost of the course is $4200 and includes the following:

MORE™ AntiEtch™ Curing System ($3,000) Along with helmet, gloves and Tyvek suit
One day of hands-on training and evaluation

The course is 99.9% hands-on and will cover the application of the MORE™ AntiEtch™ System on marble and other acid-sensitive countertops.

A brief list of the process involved:

  1. Grinding the surface to prepare it for application
  2. Applying the MORE™ AntiEtch™ Treatment
  3. Curing the 1st and 2nd coat
  4. Sanding to a hone finish
  5. Sanding to a polished finish
  6. Maintaining the surface
  7. Repairs and other hands-on exercises

We will be using the MORE™ AntiEtch™ Curing System and Festool sanders. Each is a required tool for the application of the MORE™ AntiEtch™ treatment. 


Financing opportunities are available – Please contact us for more information

More Info on the More Anti-Etch System:

Features and benefi­ts 

• Stops acid-etching        • Stops staining

• Crystal clear fi­nish

• Can be applied on marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete

• Available in honed, polished, and leathered fi­nishes

• Can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces

• Low odor during application          • Environmentally friendly

• Safe on food grade surfaces

• Zero porosity – germs and bacteria have nowhere to grow

• Will not crack or peel          • Easy to maintain

• Easily repairable

• Durable – 10 year expected wear