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Alpha Professional Tools® developed the Alpha® Twincur System for automatic edge polishing machines. Alpha® Twincur Resin discs are specifically designed for square edge and beveled edge applications and will work on wet polishing single-head machines such as Park® Pro Edge, Comandulli, Mantello, Thibault, Cavani, and Denver along with many other imported polishing machines that use the 4” snail lock adapter. They will also work on multiple-head machines such as Loffler series KSL-RK. Material edges, sized up to 1-1/4” thickness, are easily polished. However, you can polish double stacked laminated edges up to 1-1/2” successfully. Fabricators will love the high quality results they achieve while maintaining high-paced productivity. The discs are long lasting and easy to use. Since the discs use the popular snail lock adapter (SFAT), they can be quickly changed for fast production. The straight or beveled edge should be calibrated square by a metal grit prior to polishing with the Alpha® Twincur Resin discs. This ensures excellent results without sacrificing cost performance of the Alpha® Twincur abrasives. Use Alpha® Twincur Final Polish to bring out a deep glossy finish. Alpha® Twincur Resin Bond discs are truly the workhorses for automatic edge polishing machines. If you own an edge polishing machine such as those listed above, Alpha® Twincur Resin discs are for you.