Alpha Profiler V-Series


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The Alpha® Profiler V-Series was designed for fabricators that need to deal with the variety of thicknesses that is inherent in all stone slabs. Whether you are working with granite, engineered stone, concrete, porcelain, crystallized glass, marble or limestone and the slab has a specified thickness, such as 1-1/4” (3cm), the nature of the material does not always match the exact specification. To piece together long slabs for countertops that are not uniform in thickness, is a difficult task for any fabricator. In the past, the fabricator would have to calibrate the thicker slab to match the other slabs being used, but not any more! Introducing the Alpha® Profiler V-Series, a unique wheel designed to create a bullnose edge profile that will eliminate the time-consuming calibration process. Our patent pending design shapes a professional looking bullnose edge quickly and easily. The Alpha® Profiler V-Series will work on all popular water-fed polishers including the AWP-158 and VSP-320 wet polishers. Choose the Alpha® Profiler V-Series to produce a top quality results!