Alpha Profiler E 1″ Hollywood Bevel


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Be the first in your field to take advantage of the new technology and design developed exclusively by Alpha Professional Tools® for edging countertops, sink rims, window sills, steps and door saddles. Introducing the Alpha® Profiler E-Series; designed to create a Hollywood Bevel edge that will put you way ahead of the competition. Profiler E-Series produces a uniform Hollywood Bevel profile of 1” on all types of granite and engineered stones, marble, concrete and crystallized glass slabs. Like all other Alpha® Profilers currently in use in your fabrication shop, the Profiler E-Series is easy to use and fits on most water-fed polishers. The nylon guide and rotary touchier design produces a consistent desired result expected by experienced craftsmen. Establish your reputation as the best in the fabrication industry by using the Alpha Professional Tools® Profiler E-Series