Alpha Contour Blade 5″ – Marble


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The Alpha® Contour Blade for Marble is designed specifically for cutting marble and limestone sinkholes and other curve cutting applications. The special design incorporates an electroplated diamond on the both sides of the steel core, as well as on the peripheral cutting edge. This allows the blade to cut a curved area cleanly, accurately and safely while allowing a wider kerf, thus giving the blade easier cutting ability. Due to the excellent cutting ability, there is a noticeable increase in maneuverability over other standard blades. The Alpha® Contour Blade for Marble can be used either wet or dry. It is versatile and fits on the AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter that allows plunge cutting with ultimate control.The Alpha® Contour Blade for Marble is unique and very cost-effective. The capabilities and long life of the Alpha® Contour Blade for Marble makes it the best choice for any curve cutting application for marble and limestone.