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Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified discs have been a staple of the Alpha® Ceramica line for many years. These discs are specifically designed to handle the hard job of removing saw marks and grinding marks in order to prepare the stone for polishing. Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified discs are ideal for the bullnosed or profiled edge, but also work very well on all curved edges. Fabricators love the aggressiveness, ease of use and long life. Tile contractors obtain excellent results on a consistent basis. Monumentalists find Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified very easy to use. The vitrified bond is a compressed diamond impregnated pellet surrounded by plastic. This gives the disc a unique aggressiveness that is needed to remove difficult grinding marks. Only Alpha Professional Tools® offers this advanced style disc. Available in 60, 150 and 300 grits, Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified discs are aggressive and long lasting. This assures a professional start in the polishing process. The long life and consistent performance make Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified discs a cost-effective investment.