Abaco Tile Saw TS1 (110V)


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  • Abaco Tile Saw TS1 has a casted aluminum working table guided by dual linear bearings on induction hardened chrome bars (avoid rusting).
  • TS1 cuts accurately every time. Cutting angle ranges from 45 ~ 90 degrees.
  • TS1 is now available with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Powder coated water pan provides additional strength while preventing rust and scratches.
  • Includes a sturdy and lightweight steel stand.
  • Submersible water pump provides high output coolant for maximum protection to the diamond blades.
  • Switch contains thermal circuit breaker that protects against overload and short circuit.
  • Features a specially designed table that supports larger size tiles.
  • An adjustable stop guide is included.
  • Built – in handles for easy transportation.