Abaco Little Giant Lifter


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The powerful range of Abaco Little Giant Lifter is very dependable for lifting and moving slab form loads. Abaco Little Giant Lifter integrates a locking latch that automatically releases once the slab is fully lowered to the ground. It comes in many different sizes and available with either white or black high quality natural rubbers.


Safety Note: Lifting Unsecured Multiple Slabs is Totally Unsafe.
Lifting Multiple Slabs Voids All Warranties, unless additional Securing Bars are used.


  • The ABACO Little Giant Lifter Automatic is designed to lift and move flat and heavier items like stone slabs at workshops, warehouses, work sites, etc.
  • Clamp plates Opening and Closing mechanism is fully automatic. Each time you lift up and lift down, the installed Automatic locking latch will lock and release the clamping mechanism.
  • It is suitable for both natural and artificial stones, or other flat materials in various thicknesses ranging.
  • The clamp plates are covered by rubber pads to prevent from scratches or damages on the stone slab surfaces during operation and transportation.
  • The lifter shall be used by combining with a crane (or with a forklift truck) to clamp, lift and transport stone slabs.
  • The lifter comes with a specialized swivel shackle, which makes the lifter and the material to rotate 360 degrees easily.
  • The lifter shall ensure safety for users and increase productivity as well.