Abaco Lamination Clamp


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  • ABACO LAMINATION CLAMPS Specially designed to hold multiple slabs together while they are being laminated and glued.
  • Spring-loaded holding claw keeps the clamp in place during stone alignment before applying final clamping pressure.
  • Extruded aluminum bar machined with high accuracy of straightness and flatness allows the clamping force to be distributed uniformly along the stone panels avoiding cracks or breakage.
  • Rubber pad attached underneath the clamping claw to protect the surface of the stone from scratching or damage.
  • Quick and easy to use with effortless tightening will reduce significantly clamping labor. Ideal for clamping jobs as it outperforms traditional methods such as C-clamps.
  • Lamination Clamp weighs 2.2 lbs (1 kg) and can handle 1 1/8” – 2 3/8” (30 – 60 mm) thickness. Bars can come in various lengths to accommodate the length of slabs.