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Weha Magnetic Rigid Aluminum Velcro Back Up Pad is a new concept in back up pads that is designed to extend the life of rigid back up pads by 7-10 times longer than current back up pads on the market.

What is the main reason why back up pads are replaced? The Velcro ends up coming unglued from the back up pad. What is the main cause of this happening? If you are using a 7 step pad, that means you are peeling off 7 pads every time you polish. This on and off sticking and peeling off fatigues the glue and Velcro and leads to failure.

The Magnetic Aluminum back up pad is designed to stay on the pad from beginning to end without removing to change grits. You simply change the quick change magnetic back up pad.

How it works:

Screw on the 4″ x 5/8-11 threaded Magnetic Back Up Pad Holder onto the air polisher or electric polisher.
Then apply the 4″ Rigid Aluminum Magnetic Velcro Back Up Pad to each of your polishing pads. If you have a 7 step system you will use 7 back up pads. If you use a 3 step system, you will use 3 magnetic aluminum back up pads.

Simply attach the back up pad on the magnetic back up pad holder and start polishing. After the first pad, pull off the magnetic aluminum back up pad and slide on step 2, and so on.

The Magnetic Back Up Pad Holder will last a very very long time. The only item that will need to be replaced will be the velcro Aluminum Rigid Back Up pad.

The Velcro Aluminum Rigid Back Up Pad will last 7-10 times longer than other rigid and aluminum back up pads.

What you need to buy to get started:

1 4″ x 5/8-11 Magnetic Quick Connect Back Up Pad Holder per air polisher or electric polisher
3-7 Magnetic Velcro Rigid Aluminum Back Up Pads- depending on how many polishing pads are in your sequence.

How does cost compare to purchasing standard 4″ aluminum back up pads?

The average cost of 4″ aluminum back up pads are about $15.00. If you had to buy 7 the cost would be $105.00
The initial cost of the Magnetic back up pad holder plus 7 magnetic Velcro back up pads would be $127.50. Almost the same.

Future reorders would only be for the Magnetic Velcro back up pads at $13.00 each. With the lifetime of 7-10 times longer than regular aluminum back up pads, the savings will be between 13%-39%, or more depending on the longevity of the magnetic back up pads.